1. A Profession of Faith
    2. Regular Service and Mission Projects (Local, State, National and International)
    3. Youth Leadership Role
    4. Fellowship of Christian Friends
    5. Bible Knowledge
    6. Covenant Relationship with God

Youth Sunday Bible Study

Each Sunday morning at 10 - 10:50 am, our youth meet for Bible study.

Junior High School kids meet in Room 37 (off the courtyard).

High School kids meet in the Youth Center.

College-age students meet in Room 23 (Blue Door Room) - during the summer months.

Upcoming Youth Activities

September 29th

Remnant Night at Church of Christ - 5-7pm

(meet at church at 4:50 to walk down to the Church of Christ together)

October 6th

PB&J night (starting ARK Acts of Random Kindness month), creating our ARK bingo cards - 5-7pm

October 20th -

Big ARK project for church  5-7pm

October 27th -

Fall Festival Help (3 - 5pm) and possible dinner afterwards

November 3rd -

January vs. November - What Would You Say Now?  5-7pm

November 8th and 9th -

Faith In Action weekend for 6th grade and up

November 10th -

No Sunday Night Youth