Confirmation will begin on Sunday,  August 22nd at 10AM in the blue door room -  Submerge classroom - at the end of the children’s elementary wing.


The students will attend Confirm classes each Sunday until our scheduled Confirmation Sunday,  which will likely be in late March or early April of 2022.  


Here are some answers to some questions you may have.


CONFIRMANDS:  This class is open to all students 6th grade and up that are ready to CONFIRM their faith in Jesus Christ.  Church membership is not required to take the class.  In the past,  we have had students in grades 6th through 11th in the class.  Even if your student is not sure about making a public proclamation of their faith,  the class is still a great place to explore their faith.
During the fall, we will also have a Faith in Action camp for our confirmands and youth group on October 22nd and 23rd.
After Confirmation Sunday,  the 6
th grade students will be invited to join the 7th/8th grade Sunday School class and then will be invited to join the youth group on Sunday nights after school is out in May. 


WHAT IS CONFIRMATION:   Confirmation is the outward sign of a Christian’s faith.  This is the first time that Methodists make an adult proclamation of their faith.   We will be using the only approved Methodist curriculum for Confirmation which is called CONFIRM.  The curriculum is focused on Your Faith…Your Commitment…God’s Call.  The students will explore these topics and also learn about the Methodist denomination.  

I’m excited about these students starting confirmation because they have asked some great questions during Submerge.   I believe they are ready for this step.  Even if you are not sure or if they are not sure if they are ready,  this class is a great way to explore their faith.

For more information, please contact Kim Copeland at or call 832-741-3932.